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00.  00:00:00  Intro Video
01.  00:00:39  Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions
02.  00:05:23  How did SunSpear Games come together?
03.  00:18:36  SunSpear Games goals / How is SunSpear designing the next RTS?
04.  00:35:53  What ideas/units is SunSpear including in their RTS
05.  01:07:56  How to gain map control / Controlling the tide of battle
06.  01:17:02  15 Factions? / Number of units in a faction
07.  01:33:10  Discussing Micro / What micro and macro options will we have
08.  01:37:50  What exactly are these immortals?? / Faction Archetypes
09.  01:58:53  On the topic of invisible units... / Defensive options for early game aggression
10.  02:05:04  What game modes options will we have?
11.  02:12:05  What will SunSpear's monetization look like?
12.  02:19:09  Skins / Esports
13.  02:32:11  Oue approach to balance and changes
14.  02:42:00  Transparency, respect and long term goals
15.  02:48:44  Kickstarter and growing the RTS community
16.  03:00:39  Patreon Q&A
17.  03:00:47  What exactly defines "deep" Micromechanics in RTS
18.  03:03:53  Why do you think Starcraft 2 had fewer (or no) unique unit names?
19.  03:06:13  How would you respond to those who fear you may inadvertently lower the maximum skill ceiling?
20.  03:09:05  Will there be a structure that we can cruelly attach Artosis' name to?
21.  03:13:40  Should more map interaction be included, similar to fast/slow zones, collapsible rocks, etc?
22.  03:16:59  Is there a certain SC race that Pro players seem to be better at Pyre?
23.  03:24:08  Any other RTS games the Immortal Dev team like to play?
24.  03:29:24  How will you guys approach replay function and observer mods?
25.  03:30:35  What is Sun's Pear? Don't all pears grow in the sun?
26.  03:34:23  How much company resources will you guys put on non-cosmetic monetization?
27.  03:36:03  To what extent do you guys talk to or consult with other teams or companies that are creating RTS games?
28.  03:39:11  Voice Packs?  Can you mention who's golden tones will fill my ears telling me I'm supply blocked every 14 seconds?
29.  03:40:42  Final thoughts / Wrap up
30.  03:45:35  This Week In Starcraft / Thanks for watching

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