Engineers from Frost Giant Studios chat about StarCraft, RTS in general, BRAND NEW footage Frost Giant's WIP project, and Dreamhaven partnership with ArtosisTV and feardragon64.
We dove deep into the challenges & opportunities ahead of them as they work on building a next gen RTS inside the brand new Unreal 5 engine.

00.  00:00:00  Intro Video

01.  00:01:39  Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions

02.  00:04:38  Frost Giant + Dreamhaven / Making an RTS

03.  00:14:13  History of designing RTS games - SC2

04.  00:24:15  Frost Giant unit testing

05.  00:30:04  Optimization for current & future gen hardware

06.  00:33:00  Unreal Engine 5 features / Designing Lockstep Networking for RTS

07.  00:49:00  Unreal Engine 5 Possibilities / Setting long term goals for RTS design

08.  00:55:32  What does the process look like this early on?

09.  01:01:42  Setting up the needed tools and teams

10.  01:05:58  Long term goals before setting up timelines

11.  01:08:55  Challenges we are looking forward to

12.  01:13:19  Patreon Q&A

13.  01:13:44  What is one of your early SC2 community memories?

14.  01:19:36  What game genre would interest FG beside RTS?

15.  01:21:13  What about Westwood would you consider bringing on board to your games?

16.  01:24:33  Are there any downsides to the decision to use an Unreal Engine?

17.  01:25:19  Regarding lockstep networking system versus client-server architecture - does SC2 work as lockstep?

18.  01:26:38  What is the team's approach to the UI and functionality?

19.  01:28:51  Please introduce your doggos?

20.  01:31:08  Does triangular mesh and flocking have anything in common with a flow field idea from SupCom?

21.  01:32:57  What type of developers/specializations will you be looking for as you begin to hire?

22.  01:35:30  Final thoughts / Wrap up / Thanks for watching


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