We sat down with Heyoka from ESL to talk about the bizz side of making money in esports.

01.  00:01:39  Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions
02.  00:06:58  What you do to make SC events happen
03.  00:20:26  Philosophy approaches in esports vs tech companies?
04.  00:24:54  How the F**k does an esports company make money?
05.  00:39:52  Why do we see orgs with teams in different games?
06.  00:44:47  What do long term viability and support goals look like?
07.  00:53:23  Notable past experiences that have shaped your careers or organizations Part 1
08.  00:59:12  Success of StarCraft within ESL / TLMC and the map design process
09.  01:04:02  Notable past experiences that have shaped your careers or organizations Part 2
10.  01:20:05  Patron Q&A
11.  01:21:15  Is it fair to tap into the powers of the dark side to win games in tournaments?
12.  01:22:12  What is the strangest product to have a GSL/ASL commercial?
13.  01:24:13  You are invited to a halloween party. What will your costume be?
14.  01:26:06  What do you want from the current contest and ladder maps it provides?
15.  01:29:53  What can we the community do now to help sc2 beyond the contract in 2023?
16.  01:35:54  What do you think MaxPax looks like? / What was the impact of AlphaStar?
17.  01:42:53  Final thoughts / Wrap up
18.  01:46:15  Cobra's update on the State of the Pylon Show
19.  01:54:48  This Week In StarCraft / Thanks for watching

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