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00. 00:00:00 Intro
01. 00:00:10 Guest introductions
02. 00:03:36 Lets jump right into it
03. 00:04:00 Esports & Competitive Design: Heroes
04. 00:16:46 Esports & Competitive Design: Economy
05. 00:22:51 Esports & Competitive Design: Units & Counters
06. 00:31:07 Esports & Competitive Design: Power Creep & Endgame Units
07. 00:33:00 Esports & Competitive Design: Hotkeys & Spellcasters
08. 00:35:14 Esports & Competitive Design: Unit Micro Potential
09. 00:39:44 Esports & Competitive Design: Maps Layout / Worker Count
10. 00:46:55 Esports & Competitive Design: Comp Map Design Process / Watchtowers
11. 00:53:18 Esports & Competitive Design: "TheProtossProblem" ™
12. 00:55:55 Esports & Competitive Design: Competitive Modes / Esports
13. 01:02:22 Esports & Competitive Design: Plans for the lifespan of Esports & Support
14. 01:12:51 Esports & Competitive Design: Tournaments / Ladder
15. 01:17:14 Esports & Competitive Design: Patching Methods
16. 01:22:56 Esports & Competitive Design: Tournament Accessibility
17. 01:25:17 Esports & Competitive Design: Barcodes and Smurfs
18. 01:29:09 Esports & Competitive Design: Observing matches in-game, embedded streaming, etc...
19. 01:37:11 Q&A from Patreon, Discord and Reddit
20. 01:38:00 How are you looking to fund esports?
21. 01:39:13 How was the process of finding the setting you have chosen and what gave you the reason to go with that?
22. 01:41:10 Have you guys considered having ranked leagues for different game speed settings?
23. 01:42:46 Would you do patches just to shake the meta up after some time or only when something seems imbalanced?
24. 01:43:15 You've said that new story content will be tied to news seasons and competitive gameplay changes. What are some examples of how this could work?
25. 01:46:00 With the low skill floor and high skill ceiling what philosophies will you employ to keep the game fun and balanced for casual players and pros?
26. 01:50:18 Have you given any thought to LAN functionality in any shape or form, and, if so, what are your thoughts?
27. 01:51:09 In regards to campaign balance, how will missions be balanced between playing with multiple players vs a solo experience?
28. 01:52:57 What are your thoughts on the feasibility of different third party integrations to support their events?
29. 01:54:00 Do we have any information about the lore?
30. 01:54:31 How would you incorporate the lore into the units and gameplay?
31. 01:56:12 Is there anything you are thinking of implementing to make map control more advantageous for active players?
32. 01:56:36 Will Stormgate run well even on a low end pc?
33. 01:57:21 What are your thoughts about how many heroes per faction should be allowed in a game? / What are your thoughts on competitive map design re: random generation and uncertain spawning locations?
34. 01:59:21 Why did you choose the graphical design?
35. 02:00:16 Do you have any plans for supporting Apple Silicon, i.e. M1, M2?
36. 02:00:50 What is the monetization strategy, since StormGate is a free to play title?
37. 02:02:04 Any thoughts on how observing matches will be implemented?
38. 02:03:14 Where will the game land in terms of army size & supply? / Will army sizes be closer to WC3 or SC2?
39. 02:04:44 How are you going to make it a good experience and mitigate bm, hate, political chats, etc. ?
40. 02:07:24 What is your design philosophy regarding the Stormgate map editor?
41. 02:08:18 Will there be something similar to Archon mode?
42. 02:08:50 When will the next big update about the game be?
43. 02:10:13 Macro mechanics and APM to get more resources, what are your thoughts on these types of mechanics?
44. 02:12:12 How does your team see the balance between map design and unit design?
45. 02:13:13 Will we have a customisable UI?
46. 02:15:45 What's your stance on free units?
47. 02:19:32 Now being able to look back at the 2 decade history of competitive RTS, have you learned what makes a unit have a high (or infinitely high) skill ceiling?
48. 02:20:50 From an eSports standpoint, where does the team stand on 'catch up' mechanics?
49. 02:23:18 Final thoughts / Wrap up
50. 02:25:21 Thanks for watching
Special thanks for making this episode possible go to:
~ Kevin "monk" Dong - (Lead Designer, Gameplay)
~ Trevor "TorcH" Housten - (Head of Esports)
~ Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski - (Host & Esports Commentator)
~ Matt "CobraVe7nom7" Land - (Producer)
~ AllelujahTV - (Timestamps)
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