Hosted by Artosis - Ft. Kaelaris, 2GD, Axeltoss, & Nathanias.
★ Timestamps ★
- 00:01:41 Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions

- 00:07:31 What makes a good show in StarCraft Esports / Some Esports titles we have worked with

- 00:14:34 Differences between hosting and casting

- 00:20:14 What tools make a show successful?

- 00:26:37 Powerful styles of directing a show via the hosting role

- 00:44:16 Making a show that's entertaining to watch!

- 00:54:38 Cool things we can import into Esports shows

- 01:17:05 Talking about designing the next RTS with 2GD

- 01:37:23 Is "Free 2 Play" the next step for RTS games? & Does our Esports scene have space for additional coexisting RTS games?

- 01:49:38 Making the next competitive RTS profitable / Behind the scenes of game development

- 01:56:43 Casual vs Competitive games/modes

- 02:04:39 Direction for future SC2, games, mod development / How powerful modding is in keeping games alive

- 02:10:35 Patreon Q&A

- 02:11:13 What is the best way for a fan to support the SC2 scene?

- 02:13:44 If StarCraft was a chest set what unit would each piece be?

- 02:14:48 Do casters ever bet on SC games?

- 02:19:48 Why do pro players have earbuds in under their headphones?

- 02:20:17 If you could make a player be the very best, like no one ever was, to win games is their real test... um, who would you pick?

- 02:20:56 If upgrades where +4 instead of +3 how would that affect the meta?

- 02:22:45 Is there a brand of wrist compression band that you can recommend?

- 02:25:36 What would you change in SC2 to help yourself win GSL?

- 02:26:20 What unit should have a self-deprecating line and what should they say?

- 02:27:17 What could Scarlett have done better against TY?

- 02:28:07 Was there a moment in your career where if things went differently you wouldn't be here today?

- 02:36:02 What's Blizzard's biggest missed opportunity?

- 02:37:17 What are some good foods from Korea? / What foods do you wish you could get in Korea?

- 02:39:01 Who would be on your dream team draft?

- 02:39:42 How important to Esports is having weekend LAN events?

- 02:46:31 How would you rate the team league draft today? / Who do you think will win the team league

- 02:50:17 Should there be an arcade invitational every few months?

- 02:54:14 Final thoughts / Wrap up

- 03:00:30 This Week In Starcraft / Thanks for watching

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