Enjoy our second ALL EU episode hosted by Kaelaris with guests RotterdaM08, Liquid.Mana and Wardi.

00.  00:00:00  Intro Video
01.  00:01:48  Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions
02.  00:03:45  This Week In Starcraft
03.  00:56:20  This Week In Brood War
04.  00:58:47  EPT Dreamhack Finals
05.  01:37:18  Dreamhaven
06.  01:48:38  New 1v1 Ladder Maps
07.  02:02:02  Patreon Q&A
08.  02:02:39  Why was my Rogue fan-art not featured in last seasons GSL finals?
09.  02:04:46  Who are the worst pro gamers to interact with?
10.  02:07:37  Are bugs allowed game mechanics or disallowed in tournaments?
11.  02:10:06  Is SC2/Esports missing a level of professionalism?
12.  02:13:11  How about a “where are they now” episode of TPS?
13.  02:13:51  Any ideas for warcest skins?
14.  02:17:37  How would the game be better or worse off if upgrades were better?
15.  02:21:56  Why don't European players compete more in the GSL?
16.  02:25:13  How do you make a region strong?
17.  02:29:19  Is there a Kaelaris core equivalent from your SC2 casts/hosting?
18.  02:31:17  Is there talk of caster unions?
19.  02:38:20  Who is the next big up and comer?
20.  02:41:19  Final thoughts / Wrap up / Thanks for watching

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