This weeks show is about a more serious topic and as such there is no code word or sponser plugs.
00:00:00 Intro Video
00:01:43 Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions
00:04:38 Why we are talking about this?
00:14:38 Thinking critically about everyone, even our own friends
00:25:36 When and how we should stand up / What is a good apology?
00:37:28 Good is something we do, not something we are
00:42:39 How do we start moving forward from here?
00:50:40 Be your best self / Networking correctly
01:00:30 How to communicate online effectively and respectfully
01:06:48 Story time / Keeping a respectful balance
01:13:31 Repeated offenses - offenders / How to grow ourselves and support each other
01:18:52 Fatigue in dealing with many heavy things / Recharge ourselves
01:29:28 Be excellent to each other
01:31:29 Patreon Q&A
01:32:16 What can we do to make our community safer?
01:36:56 How to be a force of safety and security amongst your peers? / Protect, support and hold each other accountable
01:40:54 What can the community do about a streamer who harasses another streamer?
01:43:17 How does the MeToo relate to StarCraft?
01:47:37 Thoughts on what has been happening?
01:51:10 Final thoughts / Wrap up / Thanks for watching

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