Artosis talks to former Blizzard developers who have founded Frost Giant Studios to work on a new RTS game. Curious about the development and concepts behind real-time strategy?
Timestamps and more below!!! 
Frost Giant Studios: 

★ Timestamps ★
00.  00:00:00  Intro Video
01.  00:01:42  Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions
02.  00:09:32  What does Riot Games have to do with Frost Giant?
03.  00:11:54  Why are RTS games hard to make?
04.  00:17:44  Details of our business model / Building a solid game first
05.  00:23:18  Building a game for longevity that stands the test of time
06.  00:28:53  Making an RTS game that's easier to get into / Game that scales correctly
07.  00:37:55  Can we design an RTS that helps players with good habits?
08.  00:41:12  RTS with a low skill floor, but also a high skill ceiling
09.  00:44:35  What is the focus of game design right now? / Creating content and content tools
10.  00:52:16  How many races will we have? / Loot Boxes? Skin and fun content?
11.  01:00:56  Heroes VS Armies? / Resources and economy models
12.  01:08:00  Unique world design and game depth / The social chat system inside the game
13.  01:15:55  Esports!!!
14.  01:20:10  Patreon Q&A
15.  01:20:38  Dear FGG what should SC2/BW communities do in the meantime?
16.  01:33:56  What could you do differently in a nextgen RTS?
17.  01:38:36  How do you balance an RTS with 3 races?
18.  01:44:46  How can the community support your new studio?
19.  01:47:10  Fantasy or SiFi?
20.  01:48:51  What can be improved from the making SC?
21.  01:53:37  Do we know what the pace of the game will be? / A spiritual successor to WC3?
22.  01:58:56  How important is the solo experience to Frost Giant?
23.  02:01:30  What's it take to make a great campaign?
24.  02:03:52  What's the process in creating factions?
25.  02:09:42  How much will the investors influence the company?
26.  02:11:04  Would you sell merch before release?
27.  02:13:02  Thoughts on a sticky mechanic?
28.  02:14:50  How do you design a salty race?
29.  02:15:58  Obligatory sentient hotdog question
30.  02:16:13  Will AlphaStar appear in a Frost Giant game?
31.  02:19:40  Will you use a preexisting engine?
32.  02:24:44  What is your mission statement? / What areas is the team focusing on?
33.  02:27:25  How are you processing the input from the RTS community?
34.  02:31:56  How was SC2 so successful?
35.  02:35:27  What do you think about addressing some of the common things from SC2?
36.  02:37:55  What would you do if Frost Giant got the rights to SC3?
37.  02:39:47  What are the challenges you'll face as a smaller team?
38.  02:42:14  Thoughts on early access?
39.  02:43:49  What should TPS change its name to when the new RTS takes over Esports?
40.  02:44:37  When will hiring ramp up?
41.  02:45:50  How do you feel about building your own engine?
42.  02:47:23  Are there any plans to develop community tools?
43.  02:48:32  Does military theory from IRL play a role when designing an RTS?
44.  02:51:56  What are your plans to introduce an Alpha?
45.  02:52:48  Is there a target engine/language you guys are looking to build the game with?
46.  02:53:44  Final thoughts / Wrap up / Thanks for watching
47.  02:57:19  Day[9] - THAT'S MY MOM!  (Clip used with permission)

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