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0.  00:00:00  Intro
01.  00:01:35  Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions
02.  00:04:57  Discussing the new maps / What's up with the new maps?
03.  00:19:25  Thoughts on Blackburn / 4 Player Maps
04.  00:36:58  Thoughts on Beckett Industries / Talking map aesthetics
05.  00:57:45  Thoughts on 2000 Atmospheres / General thoughts on map development
06.  01:24:18  Summary of maps
07.  01:41:35  Patreon Q&A
08.  01:41:41  Is there a postal address for AfreecaTV?
09.  01:42:39  What statements have others made which have become part of the StarCraft lexicon?
10.  01:47:21  Who are your favorite underdog pros that have yet to win a Premier?
11.  01:50:43  What is the best balance change to improve the game?
12.  02:06:33  How many people have ever done the english GSL intro?
13.  02:08:14  Are we seeing a possible way to sustain the SC esports scene in the scenario that Blizzard stops supporting it?
14.  02:11:55  What is the WORST unit in the game? / Artosis Rant incoming!!!
15.  02:19:09  Industries tips for ZvZ?
16.  02:20:41  Is focus fire a bunker less efficient than killing the units around the bunker first?
17.  02:22:00  Do we need new maps with so many old maps over the years?
18.  02:28:24  Which aspects do the world's known gods/goddesses represent in StarCraft?
19.  02:30:43  Final thoughts / Wrap up
20.  02:38:34  This Week In Starcraft / Thanks for watching

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