01.  00:00:00  This Week In Starcraft
02.  00:30:00  Intro Video
03.  00:31:39  Welcome back / Guest introductions
04.  00:34:40  Discussion - What's up with region locking? Ideas going forward.
05.  01:32:14  Patreon Q&A
06.  01:32:29  How toxic are esports fans?
07.  01:36:37  What are some terrible name changes in starcraft history?
08.  01:41:22  What are some good resources to learn builds?
09.  01:43:26  What was the biggest missed opportunity in competitive Starcraft 2?
10.  01:47:10  What old Brood War maps are good for rookies?
11.  01:48:41  What if the SC finals were moved to Artosis's channel?
12.  01:50:20  What is Brood War's strongest point as a spectator sport vs StarCraft 2?
13.  01:54:28  How has YouTube changed over time?
14.  01:55:41  How good is your Korean?
15.  01:58:41  Why is it called the NA or EU qualifier at this point?
16.  01:59:39  What's your favorite unit of the race you hate the most?
17.  02:05:13  If we see Korea vs EU/NA every week will it lose that specialness?
18.  02:08:13  How would it be made easier for full time players to transition to part time?
19.  02:13:47  What is the favorite food for a zealot, zergling, and lady banshee?
20.  02:17:40  What do you Love and hate about living in Korea?
21.  02:22:00  Are there any Korean pros that you think would really rock more facial hair?
22.  02:23:45  Final thoughts / Wrap up / Thanks for watching

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