00:01:52 - Welcome back / Show road map & Guest introductions
00:07:04 - This Week In StarCraft
01:09:31 - This Week In Brood War
01:12:49 - Speculating about the ESL pro tour / Discussing the news from Dreamhack
01:13:38 - What is the future of LAN events / Events cancellations and the possible alternatives
01:41:42 - Cheating prevention for online play / The logistics of online tournaments
01:51:47 - Thoughts from our EU guests on the proposed balance patch
02:13:30 - Patreon Q&A
02:14:03 - What BW unit would be good to see in SC2?
02:15:22 - Do pro players have a responsibility when it comes to balance whine?
02:20:20 - Is it possible for me to attend a GSL despite being a big fan?
02:20:52 - Thoughts on scaling baneling damage?
02:22:21 - Could you explain BW damage types?
02:24:21 - Awesome SC drawings
02:24:48 - Has there ever been a strat not worth learning but you did anyway?
02:28:12 - Would you rather change every password you have or play 100 ladder matches and miss every drop?
02:30:17 - Overall thoughts on WC3?
02:40:50 - What's your favorite ice cream?
02:41:21 - What content would you like to see more of?
02:45:54 - If you won the winner winner chicken dinner or the pizza pie weekly what would you order?
02:52:00 - What would you do if you had to organize the 10th anniversary event?
02:55:03 - How do pros and casters feel about smaller tournaments
02:59:31 - Thoughts on esport viewership on YouTube?
03:04:03 - What do you do to keep active after sitting all day?
03:07:06 - Why did they replace the best Terran map in the pool?
03:11:58 - Final thoughts & Wrap up

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