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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:39 Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions
00:06:18 Team Introductions
00:14:00 How teams recruit pro players
00:19:44 Discussing the roster and team divisions / Sponsors and dealing with Covid19
00:29:20 Running tournaments and how teams start them
00:40:30 How we get good games
00:45:35 Picking up TRUE and getting his P1 VISA
00:50:08 Behind the scenes details of running a team
00:55:00 How to get started, involved and join a team
01:01:16 Community run StarCraft II Esports
01:34:00 The story of how Jake NoRegreT Umpleby changed SC2
01:40:30 Patreon Q&A
01:41:11 What do you do if a Tasteless appears in front of you?
01:42:55 What would have happened if Life had not made a bad life choice?
01:46:13 What are your opinions of SC2 merch?
01:49:39 If you were a cake, what kind of cake would you be?
01:50:38 What passions do you have outside of SC2? / What would cause you not to like SC2?
02:00:49 What's the difference between a modern team and a pro league team house?
02:03:22 How do training sessions among teammates work?
02:05:55 What is the biggest missed sponsor opportunity you've had?
02:07:58 How do you get your foot in the door?
02:11:17 Obligatory sentient hotdog question
02:12:27 How can we the community help teams?
02:18:48 What are some personality traits common with people who play each race?
02:21:08 Favorite pizza? / Plan to keep SpeCial? / Funny GumiGod story?
02:25:22 When teaching TRUE to drive, was it automatic or manual?
02:25:50 How do we grow the SC scene and keep it healthy?
02:27:53 Guests final thoughts / Wrap up
02:32:34 This Week In StarCraft
03:01:20 Thanks for watching

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