00:01:41 - Welcome back / Show road map / Guest introductions
00:07:01 - This Week In StarCraft
00:24:58 - This Week In Brood War
00:26:00 - This Week In Awesome
00:27:02 - Casting as a career (Yes, it's all excellent. Just listen!)
02:13:16 - Patreon Questions to host and guests
02:13:48 - Wizard comes after your right pinky and left toe, what do you do?
02:16:04 - Is casting a viable long term career?
02:22:10 - Do casters ever get a chance to catch a movie together?
02:25:24 - Three favourite games outside of RTS?
02:30:26 - Are Protoss actually OP or is it just all in our minds?
02:37:12 - If Tastosis where to play battle toads who would be better?
02:38:41 - Strange encounters of the Starcraft lingo kind
02:41:07 - What platforms are the tournaments on now?
02:42:46 - What SC moment would make a good bedtime story?
02:44:15 - Some advice for a new caster?
02:48:33 - Whats stupid or annoying about streaming SC?
02:53:07 - Why is casting so important?
02:59:35 - Opinions on the oxford comma?
03:01:17 - If you hosted a 4 player invitational who would you invite?
03:04:32 - What underestimated mistakes do players make?
03:07:22 - What other esports do you like other than SC?
03:11:39 - What has been the high/low point of your career?
03:17:57 - What's the funniest gag or joke you have from a cast?
03:21:42 - What's the most memorable event you've casted?
03:25:01 - Is it possible to become the number one SC caster?
03:25:36 - What it's like working with the production team as a caster?
03:28:08 - Tastosis story time!
03:29:05 - Would beards and dreads make good SC units?
03:29:54 - Worst story from a cast gone wrong?
03:32:36 - Please read this aloud....
03:33:48 - If Tastosis swapped bodies for a week how would they spend it?
03:36:45 - Why are SC personalities so transparent and down to earth?
03:40:31 - Who are your favourite players to cast and why?
03:42:52 - What would you want to be an expert in?
03:44:45 - Final thoughts / Wrap up / Thanks for watching

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