ThePylonShow EP.10

Our best episode yet!

As well as our longest, Seriously... we laughed about a Q-tip for like 5 minutes!

Geoff returns to host alongside Artosis and we are joined by WinterGaming besides the one and only Rifkin from BaseTradeTV!

~ Time-stamped Topics ~

0.   Intro   0:00:27

1.   This Week in SC   0:15:21

2.   Business in Esports   0:41:53

3.   WCS Challenger: Season 2   01:53:45

4.   PSISTORMCup VI   02:00:00

5.   GSL Code S    02:17:17

6.   Discord Q & A    02:20:00

7.   Outro/News & Shoutouts   02:51:20



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