ThePylonShow EP.31

A Peek Behind the Scenes of SC Tournament organization with Rifkin from BasetradeTV

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Guest: Rifkin from BaseTradeTV

Special thanks to the Pylon Show Team:
Exe. Producer: CobraVe7nom7
Ast. Producer: Alisaunder
Ast. Artist: Lich&Famous
Ast. VFX: Bodypop_
Animator: DarkFirze

Hosts: Dan and Geoff - A countdown timer, Links to the Podcasts and most everything else can be found on our website.

1. 00:02:28 This Week in Starcraft II
2. 00:34:09 This Week in Brood War
3. 00:36:57 This Week in Awesome
4. 00:38:15 RoundTable Discussions with Rifkin
5. 00:39:00 Tournaments: A Peek Behind the Scenes
6. 00:54:09 December Tournaments
7. 01:09:00 Communication & Organizers
8. 01:18:30 Value and Self Worth
9. 01:27:34 Brood War Updates
10. 01:31:56 Priority Patreon Discord Q & A
11. 02:32:16 Plans for the Pylon Grand Season Finale

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