ThePylonShow EP.34

Town Hall style "State of the PylonShow" episode addressing future expectations for the show, the handling of Patreon + feedback, financial updates & outlining the changes coming in 2019. It's going to be a great year, Massive thanks to all those that support us and make this show possible.

Esp to @LycanGTV from AFKTea: - 15% Discount code = “Pylon”


Connect with us on our Discord server and leave your feedback in the channel titled #Feedback-for-2019:


Geoff can be found here:


Special thanks to the Pylon Show Team:

Producer: CobraVe7nom7

Show Notes: Alisaunder

Ast. VFX: Bodypop

Ast. Artist: Lich&Famous

TimeStamps: AllelujahTV

Animator: DarkFirze - A countdown timer, Links to the Podcasts and most everything else can be found on our website.

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